Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patience... please

Now that Sam has stopped nursing, he's totally stepped up on the "I keeping you company" thing. I no longer sit down without him crawling up on top of me, frequently yanking on my hair, digging his little elbows into my leg or stomping directly on my belly. He likes to climb upside down on me, or pretend to be swimming in the chair next to me, or a hundred other variations that involve him twisting his body into different contortions and driving me insane.

I need to keep reminding myself to be patient, and to be grateful that he still craves that closeness. Because there are times when I just want to sit, you know? Just sit by myself for a bit, not long, I'm not greedy, but just for a minute without being treated as a jungle gym. But he's so sweet and so loving, "I just want to sit with you, Mommy" that I keep biting my tongue and snuggling him a little more.

I've got cuddly, affectionate kids, and I LOVE that. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of it, though, because I'm feeling incredibly touched out at the moment. Looking forward to my shower tonight, because I'll be all alone in there :-)

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Queen Bee said...

we're going through the very same thing! at bedtime (we have yet to wean from the cosleeping) Logn has been climbing up and falling asleep right on my belly and chest, which i used to like but now its uncomfortable and that child has gotten so hard heavy recently! lol i'm trying to cherish the cuddles too, before he decides that he's too grown up for that as well.