Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still here taking care of sickos

Not that they're all that sick, but still sick enough to be stuck at home and miserable about it. Jessie's fever was normal this morning, and she's hoping to be well enough to go to school tomorrow. Sam's got a bit of an elevated fever this morning (100.5) and is in a wretched mood, poor thing. I say poor thing because at the moment, he's laying on the couch watching Toy Story and not focusing all of his attention on bothering his sister, which was what he was doing this morning.

I'm definitely ready for healthy kids. It's draining, being at home, basically quarantined. I can't go to the park or the library with them, and even though I haven't been as active lately with the pregnancy, I like knowing that I could be. I feel very trapped and full of cabin fever. I'm desperate for adult interaction, bitter on the nights that Marc isn't here, and eager for the return of healthy, happy children.

Fifteen weeks tomorrow - YAY. Very excited about this, and nervous about the upcoming ultrasound next week. I always worry - what if there's something wrong? The baby isn't moving, not really, I think sometimes I feel it, but it's nothing I can swear is the baby moving. I'm still sick and tired and know intellectually that everything's okay, but.... but, but, but. I always worry.


Heather said...

I hear you! I'm sick of taking care of sick kids too, and this is only day 3 for me. I told my husband that I'm not sure I can cope with the constant hacking all day again. It's making me nuts!

Congrats on 15 weeks!

Melissa said...

Jessie's fever is back up, so she's home again tomorrow. The poor kid is so tired of being sick! So far, Sam seems to have escaped it, so I'm optimistic that by the end of the weekend, we'll be 100% again.