Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a....


I'm so happy. I think I'd be equally as happy about it being a boy, but finding out the gender makes it seem so much more real to me. I'm carrying a little girl - I'm going to have two daughters and a son. How incredibly perfect. I'm absolutely delighted.

The ultrasound went great - everything looks nice and healthy. The baby is very active, moving all over the place, measurements were great, placenta is lovely. And the tech was more that 90% certain that this is a tiny girl for me. Jessie is, obviously, beyond thrilled and Sam is mostly happy, although a bit bitter because he was hoping for a brother.

I talked to Marc last night about finding out, we had planned on not finding out, because Marc didn't want to. And if he felt strongly against it, I would have gone along, but am so glad that he was okay with me finding out. It's just easier for me to bond. We found out with Jess and didn't with Sam - and with Jess, from the second she was born, it was an immediate bond because I had been waiting to meet my Jessie for months. With Sam, I initially had to get used to having a boy. I loved him from the start, of course, but think that not finding out made it a little tougher to feel that immediate connection.

I can't stop smiling - I'm so happy.


Queen Bee said...

:D hooray!!

did you ever decide on a girl's name?

i wonder if by Sam being the only boy, jealously issues may not be such a big deal, kwim?

Heather said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Little girls are so much fun.

Jessi said...

yay for pink!!! congrats on a healthy baby girl!

Melissa said...

We're still deliberating names - a LOT of family pressure to use Julie, so we're probably going to go with a version of that. Fortunately, I love the name Julianna, so I just need to pick a middle name :-)