Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you

Thanks so much for the support and pep talks - it really does make me smile and feel better every time I read one of them.

And there's so much to be grateful for - I miscarried at this time once before, so I always hesitate before complaining, it's so much better to be sick and have a happy, healthy pregnancy than to feel the symptoms slipping away and then going thru the loss. I'm loving this pregnancy, almost every last little bit of it. I've got this nice big belly already and find myself spending much of my time rubbing the baby. Sam's taken to hollering into my belly button, "heddo baby - I'm your big brudder!" and Jessie keeps coming out with new names to add to the list. The nicest part of this pregnancy is watching their excitement about having a new brother or sister

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Queen Bee said...

alright, when do we get to see pics of the baby bump, hmmm?? ;) i love hearing about howexcited the kids are for the baby!

also, i have a surprise for you over on my blog!