Friday, September 4, 2009

Holy Moly, am I pregnant!

How do you know you're pregnant? Other than the obvious... it's when the smell emanating from a bag of fruit loops is enough to send you running to the bathroom to vomit. When the stench of a bowl of cheerios makes you cry because you feel just that sick. All the time. I'm ginormous huge already - fear I'm either carrying twins or my body is just so used to being fat and pregnant, it just jumps to looking four months along once I got the positive test result. Which is totally unfair - Sam's three years old - you'd think it would have forgotten by now...

I'm so reassured about this pregnancy right now - I'm absolutely 100% having a baby - but my goodness, I'd like to not want to hurl for just a little bit. I've noticed a definite trend - I feel pretty gross when I wake up, have absolutely no appetite, around eleven, I force myself to eat something, feel better until about two thirty or so, and then get progressively worse until I actually vomit (as opposed to just the dry heaves that I have ALL DAY LONG). I puked last night around nine-ish, with Sam at my side - he was fascinated and felt much better afterwards. I haven't actually vomited yet this morning, but have come dangerously close several times.

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Heather said...

Yuck, I feel so bad for you! I know just how you feel - I've only had about 3 weeks now where I've felt good, and don't have to barf all the time. It's been a welcome change, I can tell you that!

The worse day was when I ate toast and threw up. I couldn't believe it. It was just toast!

I mean, if you can't eat stinkin' toast, what CAN you eat?