Monday, May 12, 2008

Sam tried to bake his ducks

Being the good mom, thought I'd whip up some cookies for my children. My mother bought me some cookie dough, so I put the oven on three fifty to preheat and spooned out the dough onto the cookie sheet - after a few minutes, I opened the oven to discover that my son had put his two favorite stuffed animals (Quackie 1 and Quackie 2) into a sleeping bag cover bag and stuffed it into the oven. Where I baked it.

I feel as though am I ill prepared for a boy. For this boy - Jessica would NEVER have attempted this. It just wouldn't have occured to her... I could have burned the whole apartment down if I had actually let the oven preheat the way I'm supposed to - fortunately, I'm not a patient baker and the ducks just got a little toasty, and not actually hot enough to catch on fire. Did I mention it's a gas stove??? I knew he put stuff in the microwave, I'm used to opening that and finding straws or toys or measuring cups - but he's never done the oven before. I'm afraid of what he'll do next.

I was on the phone with my mother, telling her what her grandson had just done - when I realized that he was standing on the desk next to the computer, applying sunscreen to the monitor.... he's lucky he's cute. He toddled out of Jessie's room earlier with a pull up on his head like a hat, sucking on a medicine dropper like it was a cigar. It's moments like that - that's what's saving him from me killing him.

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