Thursday, March 18, 2010

These kind of hurt...

I'm actually contracting and it's not entirely pleasant. I know I've been complaining throughout the entire pregnancy, but since it's my blog, I'm just going to keep going... I've been noticing more and more these contractions - and they hurt. I've never had contractions like this - I always just got back labor, so this is completely unfamiliar to me - and it strikes me that I'm looking at another six weeks of this. I know that I'm not in ACTUAL labor, it's too early and again - I've never gone into labor without back pain. But what if it actually IS labor? What if I'm just going to have her super early?

But it's not, I mean, they aren't coming in any kind of order, they aren't even truly painful, just a little bit. And sometimes they last for a long time and sometimes they just sort of happen quick and stop right away. The whole top of my uterus is tight and painful and I'm ill amused.

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