Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puddle up!

I know that one day, someone will correct him, and Sam'll start saying "Let's huddle up" instead, but until then, I'm going to just let him believe that the expression is "puddle up" as in "Let's all get together like we're in a giant puddle." It's so cute. He's in there playing with his buddies, Harrison and Jordyn, and he's very much the orchestrator of the game they're playing right now. It's sort of a combo superhero/Star Wars/Scooby game, involving chasing each other around the house with little figurines.

Julianna is sound asleep on the couch, and I'm supposed to be folding laundry. I'm not, obviously, because it occured to me that someday I might forget "Puddle Up!" if I didn't write it down somewhere. That's really why I blog. I'm always a little amused and thrown off when I remember that other people actually read it, I love it, but I do it mainly because I want to be able to go back and remember what these days were like. I love the thought of my kids reading it one day, about their adventures and what it was like, raising them.

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