Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can I control the weather???

I think so. My family is mostly a hodge-podge of pagan and wiccan - sure, we've got our vaguely Catholic branches, but my immediate family (specifically my mother) all proudly self-identify as witches and are firm believers in our ability to affect change in our world. Stuff like arranging for a parking space at the mall, or making sure that it's bright and sunny when we've got outdoor plans. I believe profoundly in a divine force that I can connect with - that we are created in God's image and have an immediate and personal relationship with.

That being said... there's a big family party this weekend at my aunt's house, and while I love my family - I'M TIRED. The past couple of weekends (and weeks) have been non-stop running, running, running and I'm just exhausted. I need a day to just... be. To stay in bed and read for a while, catch up on laundry, actually have a conversation (or two) with my husband... and I so wanted to reschedule the party until after Christmas. But I was outvoted, so was going to drag myself up there tomorrow (it's an hour and a half away), even though I REALLY REALLY wanted to stay home.

Lo and behold - we are about to get slammed with 8-16 inches of snow. Now I think I'm magic.

Had our first Hanukkah party last night. For the kids' friends - we let each one invite a buddy, and had some of the parents as well. It was chaotic and loud and fun. I threatened several times (during prep) to never do it again (as children were swinging from the chandelier and screaming with joy), but I think we'll probably make it an annual event.

Going out shopping again today - my last time, I hope. Annie is taking the cherubs and we're going to go out for lunch, pick up something awesome for Sam, get stuff for Becky/Greg, stocking stuffers for the kids, etc.

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Queen Bee said...

:) that's awesome the way things worked out!

i'm incredibly jealous of your snow. being snowed in during a Noreaster sounds delightful!!