Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow - morning sickness

I feel like I post about this a lot - but really, it's most of my life these days... I feel almost newly pregnant today, unbelievably nauseated and sick to my stomach. Everything smells wretched and so strong and I dream of sleep. Fantasize about it, crawling into bed by myself, snuggling down into the blankets and just... sleeping. For hours. I can't eat much, swallowing the anti-nausea meds this morning was incredibly difficult because I immediately started gagging and choking on this tiny little pill. Isn't it supposed to ease up as I get to the end of the first trimester??

Jess cried this morning on the way to school... I hate that. Even though she's so much better this year, I have such negative associations from last year. We just overslept this morning, and had to rush a bit - but she didn't want to go, and cried. I feel so awful for her. Plus then I spend all day thinking of her little face, so sad and miserable...

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