Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love my boy

It's just me and Sam tonight - Jess is spending the night at Annie's house (thank goodness for Annie) and Marc is out at the gym. Sam had asked for a bath earlier and I told him to wait until his friends went home, and as soon as Jordyn left, he whipped off his diaper. I asked him what was up, and he announced he was ready for his "bathess." We're having scrambled eggs for dinner - he and I are the only ones in the family that like them (Jess prefers boiled or "bubbled up" and Marc likes omelets) and since it's just us, we're having a tea party with eggs and milk for dinner. After the bathess.

There's something magical about just having one child here. I love having two, and am hoping for three, and between my stepdaughters, Annie's daughter Glennys, and the little ones I babysit for, I've usually got a LOT of kids running around - and it's great. I love it, really, almost all the time. But when it's just me and either Jess or Sam, it's so sweet and tender and just peaceful and loving. I'm really looking forward to tonight.


Dorisdayafterday said...

I am keeping a google alert on my children to avoid predators and this blog popped up. I have two children as well and they are named Sam and Jess. And our last name is Cohen. I agree with you when you get some time to spend with one child which I find is rare its very special. But I love both my children very much.

Queen Bee said...

spending quality one-on-one time is good. and fun.

i like that during the week while jason is at work (he works nights) Logan and i can eat whatever we want without hearing Daddy whine, LOL.