Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold medicine

We've been fighting off colds here. We're a pretty healthy family, and rarely get hard core sick, but this cold has been hanging out for a while... poor Sam has had a mild case of the sniffles for about a week and a half, and I think mine has been hanging on at least that long. Jessica stayed home from school yesterday with a yucky cough, but seemed much better today. I took some cold medicine last night, and find that it still makes me floaty and kind of... off. I haven't taken any in years, preferring just to suffer thru the symptoms then to feel as though I'm orbiting just slightly off the ground - but the sinus headache was making me insane. With little kids, it's just not feasible to crawl into bed for hours and sleep off a migraine. So I took the stuff that Marc picked up for me, and have actually started to enjoy the sensation of being just a little bit removed from everything. I'm sitting here at the desk, and feeling as though I'm just floating a little bit. It's lovely. Odd, but lovely...

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