Monday, April 28, 2008

No better way to start the morning than a sink full of dishes

One of my pet peeves are stacked dirty dishes. If you're going to touch them to stack them - freaking wash them! I had every single cup dirty. EVERY SINGLE CUP. I have a legendary amount of cups, seriously, and they were all in my sink. Worse, they were in a ginormous soup pot that was so big I couldn't actually do any dishes without taking everything out of the sink, washing the pot, putting everything back in and then washing the rest of them.

Plus my house looks like a bomb hit it. That's right, I was out all weekend again. When I'm not here, the whole system falls apart. It saddens me to admit it, I can't help but think it's a failure on my part to not instill basic 'pick up after your damn selves' into my husband and children - but every room in my house is trashed. Every single room. I'm horrified...

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