Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally, Jessie has found a reason for Sam to exist

He's willing, no, he's eager, to have her do 'make overs' on him. The poor kid doesn't know any better, and is so happy that she's interacting with him and treating him like a real person and not a baby, that he's thrilled to betsy to sit there and let her paint glitter and eye shadow and blush all over his tiny little boy face.

I wonder, sometimes, what influence having three (four if you count Glennys) older sisters is having on him. His every move is accompanied by hordes of girls - frequently on the weekends, he has trouble walking because they are all clustered around him. While I have no doubts that he's a hard core boy (the other day, he cried until Marc put on Conan the Barbarian for him), I am amused that he's also a big fan of pretty pink tutus and glitter on his cheeks.

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