Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend

Had a wonderful birthday, Friday night, Marc and I took the cherubs down to the mall, had dinner at Bertucci's and then spent a couple of hours meandering around. I never go to the mall, and it was literally the first time Sam had ever been on an escalator and he was fascinated. Marc bought me a gorgeous necklace/ring combo, diamonds and ruby - which was so nice. It's really pretty, and such an odd thing, to have a man buy jewelry for me. I mean, I love it, obviously, but it's still so weird sometimes. I find myself still surprised at my life, that I've got this wonderful husband, two great kids, I'm a stay at home mom and my husband buys me jewelry. Still seems a bit like a fantasy life to me :-).

Poor landlord came up to complain this morning - way too much stomping around here... I swear to God, next apartment, ground floor all the way. I feel terrible that we bugged him, but also a little bit despairing, because there's really no way to make the kids (specifically my little emotional drama queen) be quiet in the morning...